Automated Bidding

Electronic estimates become consistent and fast when you utilize Foundation Accelerator's Evaluation Wizard. Customers can digitally sign contracts directly from your tablet.

Integrated Drawing App

Draw your Repair Plan directly in front of your customer and discuss the work you will be performing. Allowing your salesmen to generate a digital drawing of the scope of work is a powerful way to rise above your competition.

Business Intelligence

Transform your business into a data-driven powerhouse with business metric reporting. Track accounting, sales, and marketing KPI reports to make educated decisions based on real-time data.

Mobile Optimized

Run your business from the palm of your hand instead of at the office. Run metrics, manage your crew and schedule appointments on any device.

Efficient Project Management

With customer and project data centrally available, managing your business becomes simple and efficient. Foundation Accelerator's project management tools accelerate business management to the next level.

Crew Management

Foundation Accelerator's mobile app is a tool designed for clocking your crew in and out on the jobsite to provide real-time labor projections. Available on Android and iOS.

Why Foundation Accelerator?

Foundation Accelerator Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Storage

We believe in details like capturing photos, saving documents, and customizing projects. You won't be asked to pay extra for additional storage.

Foundation Accelerator cloud based

Cloud Based

Our data is stored securely on multiple servers allowing data access anywhere in the world. Run KPI reports and view your crew locations from the palm of your hand.

Foundation Accelerator live support

Live Support

We pride ourselves in providing the best support possible to our users. With multi-channel support, we are able to run diagnostics and solve issues lightning fast.

What Do Our Users Say?

"Foundation Accelerator has become a huge time saving tool by allowing me to provide the customer with a written bid by email before I ever leave the house. There's no work to do after I leave the appointment until I follow up with the customer. Plus it allows us to provide consistent pricing to our customers. Using multiple email contacts with the customer allows us to build a report with the customer and keep in easy contact with them."

Herman K.
Kansas City, MO

"Foundation Accelerator has helped my business save time and money because everything is all in one place. The software has an easy user interface and awesome support. Taking the endless paper out of the daily tasks. Foundation Accelerator has helped maintain better scheduling, and automated communication with the customer."

Tony P.
Denver, CO